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Executive Search

Our company specializes in the search and selection of suitable candidates for positions in middle and higher management using our proven executive search methodology. Thanks to the exclusive relationship with our clients, we are able to target specific potential candidates according to client requirements and needs, communicate with them discreetly and make recommendations on those who are most suitable.

Based on the indiviual needs of the client, we also have the capability to administer and interpret a suite of internationally recognized Hogan diagnostic tools (HPI – Hogan personality inventory, HDS – Hogan development survey and MVPI – Motives, values, preferences inventory). Our consultants are fully certified and trained in the Hogan Professional Diagnostic Method.

It is our aim to manage the whole executive search project with maximum efficiency, while being discreet and in accordance with the agreed upon timeline.

Every executive search project represents for our company not only the opportunity to work closely with the clients to fulfill their objectives and immediate needs but also to developlong-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Professional Recruitment

In instances when the need for a full executive search is not indicated, we are able to target suitable candidates using recruitment and selection methods based on our up-to-date contacts, proprietary data base and information obtained from completed projects.

Various methods can be employed in the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates. The individual project and client‘s requirements determine our specific approach to each individual recruitment.

If the client desires, we are also fully trained and certified to further evaluate and assess candidates using the internationally recognized Hogan Professional Diagnostic Method, a series of professionally administered and interpreted diagnostic tools.


We provide services in psychological coaching, which places special emphasis on working with motivation and connecting to the emotions of coachees. We perceive coaching as an important area of personal and professional development, which aims not only to meet clients’ performance potential, but also to increase their personal satisfaction.


Mentoring is the way how to develop not only professional but also soft skills including manager ones.

It is a professional relationship based on trust between mentor and mentee, when mentor shares their experience and knowledge and can guide mentee in the given issue.


We advise individuals and companies how to solve responsibly difficult situations concerning dismissal. For employee we can offer program of individual outplacement, which can help with the assessment of the current situation, with orientation on the labour market and setting up the strategy of searching for a new employment.

Next stages include self-presentation and CV creation, profile update on social networks and career counselling.


Hogan diagnostics tests (HPI, HDS, MVPI)

 Hogan diagnostics are internationally recognized and are culturally relevant to the Central and Eastern European population. They offer a wide range of diagnostic tools of candidates or employees in personnel management (recruiting process, adaptation process, training and development, review, career planning, talent management, success planning and outplacement).

Career counselling

Who is the Career counselling designed for?

Are you an employee who dislikes their job?

Are you a student and you don´t know where to orient your further education to?

Are you unemployed or on maternity leave and you don´t know your future professional orientation?

Do you want to be advised how to search for a job and how to present yourself?